Treasure Hunt

School will soon be out! If your kids are like mine, they will be bored by week two. Add a rainy day and they will be lining up for entertainment – that would be you! Enter ‘Treasure Hunt’. This game is easy, quick and cheap – or it can be as complex as you’d like. I always enjoyed the ‘king’ theme. As the name implies, the children will be questing throughout the kingdom for the prize.

  1. Choose a theme. MM900046593(1)
  2. Hide the prize. While the questors are putting on their costumes, hide the prize. What is a good prize? This again, depends on how much you want to give and the likes/dislikes and ages of the questors. Remember, you may play this several times this summer so I would keep it small. If I planned ahead, I would buy a small trinket for the prize – a favorite toy or book. Again, if you planned ahead you could wrap it – that adds to the excitement. If you didn’t plan ahead, just use some money or a coupon for a special treat. The treat could be the right to decide what to make for dinner.
  3. Make the clues. MM900303301Use small strips of paper. The clues lead from clue to clue to eventually the prize. The clues are written with the ages of the children in mind. You can draw pictures instead of words if needed. Here’s an example: Under oldest child’s pillow. Then put the next clue under that pillow. TIP: Be sure to put the clues in safe locations.
  4. Hide the clues. First check to make sure nobody is peeking! If you wish, you can make enough clues for everybody find or just one. You can also make several routes through the house for the hunt. I know – this could be as adventurous as you want!
  5. Assemble the participants. ??????????????? Explain the rules. My rules are:
  • No running
  • No making messes – search carefully and put things back the way you found them
  • No climbing
  • If you have just one clue at each place, the finder must read it aloud and discuss where the next clue might be with the group (rather than just running off with the clue – what fun is that?).
  • If the prize is wrapped, it must be brought to the kitchen for a group reveal

And they’re off and not running to find the first clue. You may have to go with them the first time. As time goes on you can be more creative with the clues.

Have fun! MC900441717

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