Should I Get an RV?

Camping, I love camping. I camped with my friends as a teenager, in the military (think MASH type tents), under the stars (unplanned young adult craziness), and with my children, in tents, a popup camper, and a Class C RV. When my kids became teenagers, they didn’t want to camp with the parents (how lame, right?) – so no camping for many years.

While contemplating my future, about a year before I retired, I thought ‘Camping! But hmmm, now I’m a little older and single’. Fear caused me to hesitate; I debated for a couple of months. Then the weather turned warm and camping with perhaps a new lifestyle called to me.

Down to dealer I went with indecision stalking me every mile (it wasn’t very far :)). I purchased a Class C motorhome. While waiting to pick it up, I met a couple of ladies. They gave me a great tip for connecting the water hose to the inlet port – the brass elbow. It takes the strain off the RV part and easier to connect. The elbow I bought is here

I took the Class C out a few times and it was in the shop more than in the campground. I won’t complain too much about it; I just traded it in. I gritted my teeth and my pocketbook and bought a Class A.

So, here I am in my RV updating my web pages. I’ll share tips and recco’s on some products I’ve tried. For example, along with the brass elbow, I bought a water pressure regulator. If the campground’s water pressure is too high, it could blow out the water lines in the RV. The regulator I bought is here

I’m still a little fearful – can I manage it? I am 58 now – a little arthritic and etc. But yes – I did get an RV. Should I have? We’ll see.

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