Mechanicals Happening

The rehab on the house continues and is coming together. The focus during the last two weeks was on the mechanicals and upstairs bath. The items to be completed are being whittled away. Kudos to my contractors – they have day jobs and their own homes to work – but still they are making great progress on my house – thanks guys!

One setback occurred: the water company came to turn on the water and we discovered we’d failed to plumb in for a water meter – doh! We need the water to do the drywall next week. It’ll be tight to get it all done – may have to put off the drywall. Rats

The mechanicals included putting in a new electric box, a new water heater and finishing the water lines. Of course all the copper had been pulled out before I bought it. new_elec_box Strange thing, the electric had been turned on but I haven’t received a bill. hmmm – I better call them before I get a huge bill.


new_water_heater  new_water_piping


The upstairs bathroom was completely stripped when I bought it and the laundry hookups were down in the basement. I wanted the laundry facility upstairs. So the guys ran pipes up and are framing in a laundry ‘closet’. wash_dry_closet_frame

Although I would have preferred a cast iron tub, I didn’t want to put that weight on the 2nd floor. So, we went with an acrylic tub with a surround. The guys had to frame it in. new_bath_enclosure I think the shower head is a bit too high but we can fix that later.

Coming up: plumb a water meter, replace downstairs shower stall and drywall.

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