Product Recommendations

These are products I (or friends) have used and reference in writing or photos in my blog posts.



If your camper doesn’t have a built in filter, you will need to add to your incoming water line.

I clean these out when packing up and put them into plastic tubs for transport.

This is the type of tote I use to store the sewer hose. I have a few of them to store stuff in the RV’s exterior storage cabinets. I use black for the sewer hose and other colors for other stuff. Makes it easy to find things quickly without opening all the totes.

This is great for drainage plus keeps the hose up off the ground. Keeping it off the ground helps with tear down and cleaning – especially if it has rained or you are in a mud prone area.

Yep – it is expensive. But it is more expensive to replace all your RV electronics. A must have for me. Choose the one that matches your RV electrical rating.



I like this set because it is lightweight, microwave and oven safe.

I use my french press all the time. Take the plunger/filter piece out and heat the water in your microwave for about 4 minutes. I like strong coffee so I use 3 tablespoons of coffee into the hot water and stir. Set the plunger/filter on top and let the coffee steep for about two minutes. Slowly depress the plunger and pour into your mug. Takes up very little space and easy to clean. Cheers!

This set is similar to my RV set. The scissors are a must for me.

This toaster is perfect for toast, bagels or frozen waffles

I also recommend an emergency road kit. Some of the emergency road kits include a first aid kit and some tools. Keeping safety in mind, I wouldn’t do much roadside repairing myself but would instead call a roadside assist such as Good Sam; however, having a reflective vest and a couple of road triangles and flares handy is a good idea. I prefer to keep all these items separate for ease of organization.



I have several of these chairs.

A must for campsites. I hate mosquitoes!



I put my pups in their crates with water bottles when I leave the camper. My pups get anxious and tend to jump on furniture when I am not with them. The crates keep them (and my furniture) safe while I’m away. This crate can also be used for air travel.

Great deal on these!






Cooking and Canning


I bought my set 20 years ago. It is still going strong.

I use these all the time.

I bought my Cutco knives 20 years ago and have not bought another knife for my stick and stucco house since. Love them.